BIL Chennai 2017 : The Smart City Conference

Hotel Accord Metropolitan
July 8th, 2017

Chennai, is an important hub of technology firms and automotive industry in India. Chennai is the fourth largest metropolitan area in India and with a population of almost 10 Million, is larger than 200 countries in the world. Chennai erstwhile Madras was found by the East India Company and has the second oldest Municipal Corporation in the world.

Chennai has been selected as one of the cities to be developed as a Smart City by the Indian Government. Chennai has put together projects to become a smart city and allocated a budget.

Founder Institute-Chennai and MaxBlox, Inc are together organizing a BIL conference in Chennai to highlight and discuss the Smart City initiative and its applicability to Chennai. It will be a full-day conference in a reputed hotel. We have brought in a number of local and international presenters to share their insights  in their specific subject areas.

Founder Institute:  Founder Institute – Chennai is one chapter among the more than 150 chapters around the globe of Founder Institute, a global corporation to enable Entrepreneurship and Startups. Founder Institute has graduated more than 2000 companies with market value of more than 15B$. Founder Institute has its headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

MaxBlox, Inc:  MaxBlox is the provider of a global Platform-as-a-Service solution to help software developers, startups and enterprises develop their web / mobile applications on the cloud for lower cost and less time taken, with high quality results. MaxBlox partner CellarStone has a development and operations center in Chennai, India with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California




A smart city can be defined as a city which is equipped with basic infrastructure to provide a decent quality of life. Smart cities should provide good infrastructure, reliable economy, smart mobility, healthy environment, good education, meaningful living and faithful governance.

The Government of India launched Smart Cities project in 2015  is a US 15 Billion Dollar (Rs.98,000 Crore) project that has a mission of urban renewal and retrofitting program to develop 109 cities, all over the country, making them citizen- friendly and sustainable.

Chennai is one of the cities that has been selected from the list of 109 smart cities under Urban Development Ministry’s Smart City Mission.

In association with Founder Institute Chennai Chapter & MaxBlox Inc. BIL-Chennai is conducting the “Smart City Conference” that specially focuses on making Chennai one of the top smart cities in the country. Local & International international speakers, government officials & smart city purpose specialized individuals  will be presenting and sharing their knowledge and experience regarding various challenges and solutions for the successful development of a smart city.

More than 400 guests & registrants are going to participate. This event aims at bringing individuals together to contribute in this mission of making Chennai a role model for other cities in India and across the world.

  • Smart City: A City in the cloud
  • Climate: Weather Disaster Tracking
  • Energy: Smart Options
  • Housing: Resilient Townships
  • Water & Sanitation: Smart Options
  • Smart City Repository: Framework and tool for  Smart City Sharing
  • Chennai City Government Initiatives
  • Entrepreneurship as an answer
  • Healthcare: Smart Options
  • Public Safety: Smart Options
  • Waste Management: Smart Options
  • Transportation: Smart Options
  • Business City: Rain or Shine


CEO And Founder At MaxBlox, Inc, USA

Gopi Mattel has over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of technology. His development team has created innovative solutions for clients in SharePoint, and Oracle and has built customer-focused and agile applications for Fortune 500 clients and start-ups.


CEO & Founder At Energyly, India

Dayal Nathan has decades of experience in various businesses including sectors like Energy, eCommerce, manufacturing, Graphics, Animation etc., he adds tremendous amount of value across all verticals. Very few people have perfected the knack of running successful businesses irrespective of     industries & sectors.


Founder Director At Watsan Envirotech Pvt Ltd

Chandrasekaran J has been in the industry for more than 27 years. He emerged as the Topper in Plastics Technology and also has profound knowledge in Designing, Prototyping and manufacturing various products in metals, plastics, and other diverse materials. He currently holds the position of National Consultant for UNIDO. He won the National Award from G.O.I for Innovation in 2012 and 2015.

LinkedIn :

Head- Business Continuity Implementation – Wipro Technologies

Vaidy Chandramouli is Versatile and astute leader with over 20 Years of experience in Information Technology, currently handling role on Business Continuity Management and in past on Governance, Risk and Compliance for global conglomerates. A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt process consultant with Strong exposure to various Standards, Models and Frameworks including ISMS, SMS, BCMS, COSO, COBIT 5 and TOGAF.


Business continuity and Program Management Advisory

Ilango Vasudevan has 16+years of global consulting experience with big 4 companies like credited with FOUR innovative ideas that are successful startups now. He, along with few passionate professional associates have started SARAS to provide technology consulting, analytics and EY, PwC and tier 1 Software firms. He has successfully led high impact client technology strategy. He is education services to global clients.

Founder At Mile2Go, OyeThere

Shriram Sanjeevi is a Retailer by Profession and Choice over the past 20 years and played a minuscule part in the Great Indian Retail story that is yet to be fully told. His core skills include deep understanding of Consumer Behavior, approaching the Target Segment through focused Marketing and Communication, working with Internal and External stakeholders & agencies, P/L Responsibility, Employee Training and Customer Service.


Project Manager At Coimbatore Smart City Limited

Subash Chandira is having 40 years of experience in planning and monitoring of multi sectorial projects in india and muscut. Currently he is project manager at Coimbatore Smart City Limited and also Team Lead for Government Of Tamilnadu in Pedestrianization of Commercial hub a WB PROJECT.




9:00 AM-9:10 AM Welcome Note
9:10 AM-9:50 AM Speaker Note
9:50 AM-10:30 AM Vaidy Chandramouli, Ilango Vasudevan
10:30 AM-11:05 AM Oscar, Kenneth
11:05 AM-11:15 AM Tea/Coffee/Snacks Break
11:15 AM-11:55 AM Dayal Nathan 
11:55 AM-12:30 PM Gopi Mattel
12:30 PM-01:30 PM Lunch Break 
01:30 PM-02:10 PM Chandrasekaran 
02:10 PM-02:50 PM Shriram Sanjeevi
02:50 PM-03:30 PM Dilipan Bose 
03:30 PM-03:50 PM Tea/Coffee/Snacks Break
03:50 PM-04:30 PM Key Speaker Note
04:30 PM Closing Note



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