Fairhope, Alabama
October 22nd, 2016

Greeting From the Gulf Coast, BILders

We are pleased to announce the first BIL to be held in the Deep South!

BIL fairhope is about going beyond left or Right and providing Sustainable Opportunities for all!

Why BIL fairhope?? Why should all the magic happen on the west coast??

Fairhope is a unique city in South Alabama on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.  Founded in 1894 by progressive populists who followed the teachings of Economist Henry George.  The idea was to establish a utopian society free from all monopoly, where each man would have access to land.The Fairhope community thrived and became a place for artist and free thinkers alike.

Today, Fairhope is a beautiful hub of activity and is still an eclectic arts town. The problem is that for many native Fairhopians who don’t own land, we can’t afford to live here anymore. Our area is growing faster than we can keep up with which has caused real estate prices to skyrocket.The question is how do we grow as a community,  keep our rich artistic history and provide a sustainable living environment for all?

The Windmill Market – an energy efficient dynamic community center – is the dream of two progressive idealist. In the spirit of altruism they have agreed to be the venue for BIL Fairhope.  BIL Fairhope: Sustainable opportunities for All will be October 22 and we invite you to join us in Fairhope at the Windmill Market.

In true BIL fashion the goal is to allow BIL Fairhope to be the natural evolution of the collective genius.Our only request is that your topic be about how to create sustainable opportunities for all.

If you would like to be a part of BIL Fairhope then sign up by filling out the form below or register through Facebook or Eventbrite

Peace out!

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All talks must be in the spirit of TED – we want you to share your innovative and passionate ideas on how we can build a beautiful sustainable community for everyone. Corporate jargon and sales are not permitted during your talk – the rest is up to your creative ability. Be as creative and crazy with your presentation as you want – but remember you will be allowed only 20 minutes with a 10 minute question and answer session. This time limit is to allow others ample time to share as well. All talks are first come first serve as this is a participant driven event and the schedule is made the day of by the participants who show up and sign up on the speaker board.

To get in on the BIL action sign up here..

This is a participant driven event and everyone helps out and each contribution is appreciated – no matter how big or small. If you sign up and you see you won’t be able to follow through then communicate with us and pass the job on to the next person.

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  • Start Date: October 22nd, 2016

  • The Windmill Market
    85 N. Bancroft Street
    Fairhope, AL 36532

    The Windmill Market is whirlwind tour of the gulf Coast's best! The Market is home to 3 restaurants, a Local Grocery, a Marketplace selling handmade art and crafts, and much more! Live music every weekend, Southern Craft Beers on tap, family-oriented fun all housed in a "Green" facility is what makes the Windmill Market THE place to be!

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Alodia D Arnold