Guanajuato, Mexico
September 3rd, 2016

BIL is an ad-hoc conference for people looking to change the world in big ways. It’s a place for passionate people to come together to energize, brainstorm, and take action. BIL brings together inspiring talks, world-changing people, amazing ideas. Yes, the naming & unconference spirit was a play off of the formal & elite approach that TED employed to share ideas. BIL was born out of a play off of TED in an Excellent Adventure sort of way.

BIL:GTO’s format will follow a 20/15 format. This essentially means you should aim for your talk to be 15 minutes inside of a 20 minute window. The extra 5 minutes allows for overages, setup or Q&A. We will ensure a hard stop at the end of your talk and allow for a soft start of the next.

If you need to use a projector, be sure to allow enough time before your talk to get things setup.

We will be announcing speakers shortly as we’re notified of who is speaking.



Cody Marx Bailey
Michael Cummings