BIL San Francisco 2017

San Francisco
June 10th, 2017

Confirmed Speakers

Time Talk Title Name
10:00: AM Intro
10:15: AM Life In The Information State Sloane Joie
10:30 AM Are Robots Trying to Kill Us Lisa Winter
10:45: AM An Abridged History of Space Exploration & Its Present-day Challenges Chris Boshuizen
11:00 AM Q&A
11:15: AM When the Robots Don’t Work Erin Rapacki
11:30 AM Why Existential Risks matter – and some decentralized approaches to reducing risks Allison Duettmann
11:45: AM How We Can Save Science Tom Kalil
12:00 PM Q&A
12:15: PM Putting the Disco Back in Discomfort Adrienne St. Aubin
12:30 PM Why AI Works – The Epistemology of Deep Learning Monica Anderson
12:45: PM A Fucking Basic Human Need Liz Klinger
1:00 PM Q&A
1:15: PM Nanotech & Abundance: What, How, and Why? Steve Burgess
1:30 PM Changing behavior with science Sena Koleva
1:45: PM Surviving the 4th Industrial Revolution Y-vonne Hutchinson
2:00 PM Q&A
2:15: PM The Inferential Labor Economy, or why Terminal Post-Modernism Is A Bad Thing And I Think We Should Be Concerned Bryce Hidysmith
2:30 PM Social Media Revolt: Kratom and a Turning Point in the war on drugs Kevin Fischer
2:45: PM Simulating the world Anselm
3:00 PM Q&A
3:15: PM Stop Drinking the Raw Sewage Tom King
3:30 PM Plumbing the Depths of Computational Chemistry Alexander Levy
3:45: PM Cyber Risk: My favorite catastrophic risk & how to fix it Christine Peterson
4:00 PM Q&A
4:15: PM Good Regulation Emerges from and Evolves with Society John Chisholm
4:30 PM Let’s #BuyTwitter Ikka
4:45: PM Crisis Management at Parties Joshua Goldbard
5:00 PM Q&A
5:15: PM Developing GMOs for Development Guido Nuñez
5:30 PM How Science Fiction Made Me a Woman PJ Manney
5:45: PM The Buddhist Mind Model of consciousness and using it for growth & understanding Michael Morgenstern
6:00 PM Q&A

BIL is a free and open analog to TED, who created TEDx to copy us. It’s a volunteer run group who enjoys the TED themes (Technology, Entertainment, Design) without the pretension and expense.


9:30 am Doors Open
10 am to 6:30 pm Talks
400 Attendees
6:30 pm 8:00 pm Dinner
Find your people and go grab a bite to eat at any of the local restaurants
8 pm to 12:00 am PARTY
Party is mingling oriented, light dancing
400 Attendees + 400 Party Only people.  DJ Dot confirmed
12:00 am to 2:00 am Cleanup
Finding out exact details on how completed load out needs to be
Included in rental is two staff cleaners, will find out what that means

Talk Formats

  • 15 Minute Talks
    followed by 15 minutes interactive in lobby
  • 1 Main Stage
    Talk selection led by Todd Huffman
    Generally aiming for speakers who come from the community who are doing awesome projects. We aim for diversity in ideas, gender, and race. Ping to coordinate.
  • 1 Smaller room (40 seats)
    For impromptu / breakout sessions

[Insert Volunteer Signup Here]

Volunteer Roles

Master of Ceremony

General Purpose Coordinator( Todd Huffman –
Katy Pelton)

Volunteer Wrangler

Social Media Wrangler – post on Fb, Twitter, etc… (before, during, and after, but can be multiple people)

Sponsorship Coordinator – food, drink, donations, etc..

Fundraising at the event – (Mark Weinberg)

Speaker Lead Coordinator (before event)

Speaker Lead Coordinator (during event)

Video Curation (We will have live streaming video of the main stage using a MeVo camera)

Interactives Coordinator (Interactives are demos or discussions in the lobby area)

Audio Visual Lead for talks (We are using Cody Daniel’s audio equipment. We need an AV volunteer(s) during the event.)

Audio Visual Lead for party

House Doctor (to fix boo boos or to debunk bullshit medicine)
(Navid Farahani, MD)



Todd Huffman
Lead Organizer
Katy Pelton
Lead Organizer