Founder CEO of ab|inventio, the invention factory honored among North America’s Most Innovative Companies by the International Business Awards, and QLess™, named a trend defining 2012 and beyond and winner of the Stevie for Best Company, serving Fortune 500 companies and award-winning governments and universities. Alex was the keynote speaker at Tech Week, an honor previously accorded a Nobel Prize winner, the CEOs of Cisco, Adobe & Deloitte, and an astronaut. One of "40 under 40" & a Dux Medallist, Alex serves in Caltech's Information Sciences and Technology Board. Previously Adapt founder, at McKinsey & Sandia National Labs, Alex's discoveries can be read on Nature, here and there. Olympic Champion, Alex holds a degree from MIT and a Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology, where he founded the Da Vinci, Kitesurf and Filmmaking Clubs. Alex has spoken at TEDxs & conferences globally.