Andrew Papp, L.A.-based President of Tritech Research, and seasoned biotech inventor will speak about health from a science-based perspective and debunk numerous New Age claims and therapies that range from useless (such as Ear Candling) to dangerous (such as chelation, pH, and "oxygen therapy"). He will also discuss why some GMOs offer a greener alternative to an overpopulated planet and how sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are, in some ways, the perfect foods, with time left for spirited Q:A. Andrew has a Harvard Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology for work studying genes that control the relative timing of events during development. These genes play a critical role in shaping the adult, while mutations in these genes affect both evolution, and cancer. Also a Computer Scientist and self-taught Engineer, Andrew currently designs lower-cost high-tech equipment to support rapid biology research, work on the HIV vaccine, and Stem Cell delivery for his international clientele of biology professors and other researchers.