Ashphord Jacoway is a Cosplay Artist, Activist, and a Founding Sister of Chocolate Covered Cosplay. Born in California and Educated in Virginia, she graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Theatre Performance, minoring in Political Science. She knew she must make change with her art. Settling in Los Angeles, Ashphord has been involved in the local Cosplay Community for 5 years. From local events to competing in the World Cosplay Summit Prelims, where she and her partner Ginger Burton, became the first African American team to place top 10. Ashphord's cosplay has appeared on, Crunchyroll Live, Harakjuki Kids, Call to Cosplay, and many conventions all over the county. She and Chocolate Covered Cosplay have been invited to speak on Diversity as Guests to Anime Los Angeles, Anime California, and Anime Conji, as well as returning to Anime Expo as Cosplay Sempai's. Admits all this, She toured her solo performance "I Wish My Life Was an RPG" to Katsucon, Meltdown Comics, Gam3rCon during SDCC, and The Hollywood Fringe Fest, creating dialogue about race and gender relations within the geek community. Later becoming a Host/Personality for EXMedia (Formerly AX Live),, and currently where she is continuing the conversation of diversity in gaming. She is Excited to share her passion for honesty Dialogue and Educating Humanity.