"Billie Carn is Founder and Crazy Girl of The Crazy that inspires companies and individuals to challenge their own status quo - because that’s how we’re going to find solutions to the world’s wicked problems and push humanity forward. Billie is Co-Founder of the Internet of Humanity [IOH] alongside Redg Snodgrass, CEO and CoFounder of Wearable World Their mission is to explore the internet through the lens of humanity, thereby striving to create a better society and push humanity forward Billie is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and has previously written for the Ministry of Entrepreneurship For the last 3 years Billie has being Interviewing 97 [to date] different thinkers from artists to chocolatiers, venture capitalists to DJ’s, technologists to philanthropists who laugh in the face of the status quo - well it became one of the biggest adventures of her life. She is currently launching the and writing her book on her findings. Her mission is to inspire craziness in the sane world - business and life.. Billie is a crazy, energetic, fun, adventurous, brave, inspiring, emotionally intelligent go getter and innovator who believes that everything is possible and is happy to fail big time in the process of striving for this; as long as she is learning along the way. She uses an obtuse polymath approach to solution finding.