Damian is a designer and entrepreneur. He founded Depthskins, a design studio he operated as Creative Director for six years working with various startups and fortune 500 companies. He recently re-launched the creative agency, TheMadray along with creating The Madray Ventures which creatively invests in start-ups. He also founded DesignersCouch, a creative community with over 7500 designers in various disciplines and currently receives over 500k unique hits each month. DesignersCouch is aimed at connecting entrepreneurs with designers to create better products. They're also aiming to disrupt the investment industry by creating a new breed of investors called creative investors. Damian is also one of the key conspirators of TheGlint along with Alexandros Pagidas and Charles Lee. It's a community he founded in hopes of accelerate people, not just ideas and to shift the thinking from the old ideals of heroes from warriors to modern day heroes being creative thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs.