At Rachel & David Inc. we are passionate about offering Vancouverites eclectic spaces, places for food and drink, dance, art and music rife with character and history. We encourage people to unshackle themselves and let their creativity run wild. All of our projects are a little left of centre. We believe that remarkable things happen when creative-minded people join forces to forge new-fangled artistic paths. With four live music venues, five art galleries, two restaurants, one bar/lounge, a music festival and an abundance of affordable studio space for hundreds of working artists now under our belt, our journey is just beginning. Both of us were raised in Vancouver and we love the way this city continues to evolve and grow. It is our mission to give agency to this grassroots artistic movement in Vancouver. We take pride in maintaining the architectural integrity of this city through refurbishment and reinvention. In the process, we will continue to eat, drink and be merry.

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