Doug Jones is a co-founder of XCOR where he handles test design and analysis of test results for the company’s liquid rocket engine development as well as assisting in the development and operation of rocket engine test apparatus. At XCOR Doug is known as the Rocket Whisperer for his innate ability to detect minute anomalies in a propulsion system. Before joining XCOR, Doug was responsible for sizing the fluid injector elements in Rotary Rocket Company’s (RRC) rocket engine design. At RRC he coordinated the assembly, testing, and inspection of 5,000 lbf kerosene/LOX engines, as well as playing the leading role in interpreting test data to improve the designs. Prior to RRC, Doug designed, built, and tested a 400 lb thrust nitrous oxide/propane engine, its test facility, and a 300,000 cubic foot balloon system for Vela Technology. He is also experienced in analog and digital circuit design, and data acquisition systems. Doug flew multiple times as flight test engineer in the X-Racer.