Eden Harmon Bernardy: After 30+ years as an acting coach and 20+ years as a writer she's have had the opportunity to work with thousands of film and theatre artists.  Working with Academy Award winning actors, writers and directors to actors just discovering the craft she has learned a tremendous amount about human behavior and the tools that allow us to access the kind of truth that resonates on film and with audiences.  The daughter of the renowned psychologist and a famous acting coach, she grew up in a fascinating world of artists and scientists and never developed the notion that the two were distinct.  Eden enjoys helping actors employ our current understanding of Neural Pathways in creating authentic characters and creating healthier lives. Working with neurologists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists and researchers currently involved in studies exploring the nature of perception Eden has been able to harness a wide array of concepts that help actors develop a better understanding of the mind/brain and it’s role in developing complete “lives” or “characters”.