Fred J. Bourgeois is the Founder and CEO of Team FREDNET - The Open Space Society, a U.S.-based company building the world's first Open Participation robotic Lunar Mission. Team FREDNET received a $10M commercial lunar contract through NASA, and is a leading contender for the Google Lunar X PRIZE. Fred is recognized as a founder of the Open Space Exploration movement. With volunteers from more than 60 countries, Team FREDNET brings the power of crowd-sourcing to bear on the complexities of reaching the Final Frontier. The Team's motto is "Get to Space; Serve Clients; Have Fun". The greateest barrier to achieving a sustainable Commercial Space economy is overcoming the costs. Team FREDNET entered the Google Lunar X PRIZE by drawing from Internet-based talents to harness the technical prowess of the world. Anyone who shares Team FREDNET's vision can participate in the program: Do you want to watch us land on the Moon, or would you rather be able to say "I helped make that happen"?

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