Jaisa Sulit BPHE, BEd, MScOT is a neuro-rehab occupational therapist with a passion for our human potential to learn, heal & grow. In 2010, Jaisa sustained a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident. As a therapist turned patient, Jaisa participated in a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program that not only enriched her recovery, but also helped her learn to cope with the complex challenges that come with living with a disability. With a desire to share the benefits of mindfulness with others, Jaisa went on to complete MBSR training and has since been teaching students, patients & professionals in both Toronto & Vancouver. Embracing meaningful activity and creative self-expression as part of her recovery, Jaisa enjoys writing, performing spoken word, dance, improv comedy, stand up and has become a published poet & international keynote speaker.

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