My name is Jonathan Vos Post. After Richard Feynman was my mentor, I wrote the world's first PhD dissertation in what's now called Nanotechnology, Artificial Life, and Synthetic Biology. I co-implemented the first working hypertext and hypermedia for personal computers with Ted Nelson, and demo'd it at the world's first Personal Computer Conference, before Apple, Tandy, and IBM made PCs. I have been a Professor of Mathematics at Woodbury University in Burbank, California. My first degrees in Mathematics and English Literature from Caltech in 1973. I have also been a Professor of Astronomy at Cypress College in Orange County, California; Professor of Computer Science at California State University, Los Angeles; Professor of English Composition at Pasadena City College, and recently accepted a part-time visiting professorship in Sustainable Futures at the University of Sydney, Australia.. I am a widely published author of Science Fiction, Science, Poetry, Math, Drama, and other fields. In my so-called spare time, I'd produced operas, as Secretary of Euterpe Opera Theatre. My Erdos number is 4. I have been an elected Town Councilman in two different states, was Governor Jerry Brown's Space Advisor when he ran for President of the United States, having earlier worked on Galileo to Jupiter, and as Mission Planning Engineer for the flyby of Uranus. Later I worked on the Space Station, and on NASA designs for Moon Bases, Mars Bases, and practical robotic Interstellar Spacecraft..

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