Kai Chang was one of the founders/curators of TEDxBerkeley and currently serves as director of marketing at TEDxSF (the very first TEDx license holder). The TEDx movement was TED's official response to the grassroots success of the BIL Conference and has spawned conferences worldwide. He is co-founder of an auction engine startup in Palo Alto BID.IO. He is also an angel investor in Silicon Valley and volunteers as a Disaster Preparedness/First Aid Instructor for the Red Cross. He delivered a talk on Learned Optimism in the inaugural BIL Conference in Monterey in 2008 and will share a new plan to spread the knowledge of Jury Nullification, originally presented at SuperHappyDevHouse at Hacker Dojo in 2011. Like many people of East Asian decent, he has the alcohol tolerance of a 9-year-old and almost certain to lose any drinking games you challenge. Some have said this is a sneaky way for him to get strangers who read his bio to buy him drinks.