Lisa Clapier (clay-pure) is the Media Producer for Occupy Wall Street in Los Angeles and an original organizer. Occupy Los Angeles, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, began within two weeks of New York City's occupation of Zucotti Park September 17, 2011. On October 1, 2011 over 3,000 people in Los Angeles marched onto Los Angeles City Hall to protest 'Enough!' Enough to the economic inequality in America! Of course major media would like everyone to believe the movement is just a bunch of hippies and homeless! That's where Lisa Clapier's job comes in... to correct, report, represent, and broadcast the truth! Yes, she lived in a tent (by choice, it was the only way to be present for breaking news)! Yes, it was amazing (a complete gift economy emerged and was brilliant to co-create, participate, and witness, and yes she has footage)! And yes, it sucked (ever tried producing media from a tent?)!!! LA made U.S. history, as the first occupation that ever reached solidarity with local governance, when on Day 5, Los Angeles Mayor and City Council drafted a resolution to stand in solidarity with the occupation (she has footage and a member on the police/mayor liaison team)! And yes, the Mayor did a 180 and evicted the occupation two months later (she has that footage too, its not pretty, nearly 300 people arrested in one night)! Lisa's media expertise is in the area of emerging new media. Specifically, live global broadcasts/streams, including multiple locations/venues, into one global broadcast. She currently produces media content weekly, reaching over 100 million viewers. Join Lisa, as she shares emerging film making technology the movement is using... to discussing plans for the America Spring 2012! "I look forward to inclusion, from your bright minds, on how we can all be the change we wish to see in the world! (Yes, a cliche from Ghandi, but it's true!) Help me create some new footage of what a thriving, healed, sustainable world looks like!" ~Lisa Clapier