Lucien Vattel is the CEO and founder of The GameDesk Institute located in Los Angeles. GameDesk is focused on transforming the way we teach and learn by adapting and developing digital technologies, especially games, to engage and empower students. With GameDesk, Vattel has built a collaborative and interdisciplinary association of experts across academia, K-12 education, industry, and entertainment including Bill Nye, LucasArts, and Syyn Labs. His game development and curriculum work with GameDesk has found success within struggling Los Angeles schools, has attracted funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and will be covered in an upcoming feature story in Fast Company. In addition to GameDesk, Vattel was the co-founder of the University of Southern California’s graduate and undergraduate game design programs in Computer Science, has twelve years of experience in research and design of games, and is a prolific filmmaker.

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