Marshall R. Millett, founder of Aemass, is a professional culturalist, archaeologist, mathematician, musician, GIS enthusiast and spatial technology expert and since 2009 has aggressively explored and implemented 3D documentation and virtualization solutions.  Focusing on computer vision innovation, data-recording techniques, remote access through digitization of full-scale environments, cultural heritage preservation and long-term storage solutions; Marshall's goal is to capture the world vividly and with absolute fidelity. Previously Marshall served as a senior archaeologist and GIS administrator across the western United States, Europe and Asia. In 2011 he founded MMARS Cultural Services to pursue best practices and methods for true environment documentation in 3D and following formed venture backed Aemass to produce real time true-to-life 3D technology as live media. Mr. Millett is an extensive traveler, gaining professional cultural heritage experience in 33 U.S. states and 11 countries, including studies in Scotland, England, Oceania, Brazil, Switzerland, Tokyo, Thailand, India and Bhutan. He holds a dual Mathematics B.A., Cum Laude Anthropology B.A., Advanced Graduate Degree in Geographic Information Systems and is an Alumnus of the School for International Training.