Micah Daigle is the founder of Upgrade Democracy, a movement to replace our outdated governance system with one that is worthy of our participation. Our democracy should be built on the technology and behavioral science of the 21st century, not the 18th. We envision a world in which, instead of electing politicians to represent us on everything, we represent each other on the issues we know best. Micah will discuss many levels of this concept: from the nuts and bolts software he and his team are building to help people make decisions in groups, to the emerging meta-movement of systems-level entrepreneurs who are working toward the decentralization of nearly every aspect of our world. Micah is an established political organizer (he led Students for Sensible Drug Policy as it expanded into a global network), and a software designer (if you were on the playa last year, you might remember his pet project BurnerMap).

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