Mike Rose is an accomplished Athlete, Artist & Intuition/EQ Expert. He was a professional tennis player by age 15 who won many tournaments, he has written poetry, philosophy, fiction, non-fiction and music, he has recorded songs and performed music on stage (Mike's Music), won awards as an Actor, Writer, Director & Producer of films (Mike's Films), performed theatre on stage and developed his own unique style of Digital Photography (Mike's Photography). Mike's athletic and artistic talent, training and success, combined with his journey out of a challenging life of abuse, injury and addiction, transformed him into an Intuition/EQ Expert. He started coaching in 2004 and founded Intuitive IQ in 2009. In 2011 he founded the Intuitive IQ Group on Facebook (Intuitive IQ Group), a one-of-a-kind community of intelligent respectful people who support each other while sharing great content and discussions. Mike manages this group while leading his two Intuitive IQ businesses: Coaching to help you discover, develop and utilize your unique intelligence using "The Four Fundamentals of Success", and a Collective Intelligence Network to help you create positive growth and change in the world. Mike's methods increase intelligence, performance and self-confidence, and bring you peace of mind, a healthy body, great relationships and success in everything you do. He is preparing to publish a series of books on Intuitive IQ

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