Since 1995, Randa Relich Milliron--Interorbital Systems’ CoFounder--has served as the company’s CEO. Her professional experience spans aerospace, media, and academia. Milliron holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in African Languages from Duquesne University, with additional studies in Chemistry at Cal Poly Pomona. Randa helms Interorbital Systems’ marketing efforts, and on the engineering side, specializes in the development and use of high-temperature composite materials. She is an award-winning television director and producer, video artist, and electronic musician. For nearly two decades, she has taught television production and communication courses at colleges in Europe and America, and is currently on faculty with the University of Phoenix. Milliron is also active as an Officer of the Pacific Rocket Society, as a member of Google Lunar X PRIZE Team SYNERGY MOON, and as an announced competitor in the NASA NanoSat Challenge.

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