Scott Beibin thrives on exploring the energetics of the human spirit with true interdisciplinarian zeal. As an artist, activist and technologist, his work integrates environmental sustainability and systems design. His background in varying fields and his do-it-yourself ethos combine in Groucho Fractal: an experiential hands-on performance intended to inspire and empower the next generation of Sustainable Futurists. Scotts academic focus was in Anthropology and Linguistics, specifically in the study of transformational autonomous nomadic cultures. However, he has become a self-taught engineer, currently researching alternative energy, natural building, fused filament fabrication, and human-machine interaction. He is also the co-creator and core developer of the Function is the Key 3D Food Printer as well as the Goostruder.  Influenced by environmental and social movements, radical street theatre, 90'€™s DIY Punk, puppetry, zines and other independent media, as well as maker/hacker culture, Scott has been involved in many projects. He's been the host and VJ of the Lost Film Fest and Scientists Are The New Rockstars. He's the co-founder of the Evil Twin Booking Agency (representing Vandana Shiva, Boots Riley, and The Yes Men). He's also the founder of the seminal 90's indie label Bloodlink Records and was a musician and puppeteer in The West Philadelphia Bike Orchestra.