Sophie Mihalko is a Filmmaker and Access Consciousness(TM) Bars Facilitator based in Pasadena, CA. She recently hosted a video summit entitled "Blissful Living with Sophie" that exposed people to different modalities to create the Bliss that is our lives. She is currently developing a rock musical movie that promises to create more possibilities for every one. What else is possible? Through her video and facilitation work Sophie asks "What if being you could change the world?" and "What other possibilities could you choose that if you chose them could transform your reality and the reality of other people?". Choice, Possibilities and Beyonds gives tools and processes to anyone ready and willing to create a life beyond the contextual reality we are living in. What if it was much easier and much more fun that we were taught it could be? What if we really had the super powers of our most awesome superheroes AND MORE? How does it get any better than this?