William Ayling was born in British Columbia Canada. He learned Transcendental Meditation (TM) in 1970. He became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique in 1972, and has taught TM to thousands of people over the last 43 years. He has taught TM in the military, education, health care, business, government, and the general public. To people of all religions, cultures, professions, ages, educational levels, and ways of life. William is an experienced and talented public speaker who has spoken to tens of thousands of people over his career. His style is professional, personable, interactive and heartfelt. From eight years old William’s main interest has been the study, development, and experience of the full range of human potential. With the goal to create a better world through the unfoldment of greater levels of creativity, intelligence, happiness and peace, in both the individual and in society as a whole. He has studied and taught meditation in India, Nepal, Philippines, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, England, Italy, France, throughout the USA and Canada. He now lives in Vancouver British Columbia and teaches meditation in all areas of society throughout Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area. He also teaches Transcendental Meditation privately and confidentially in the homes and offices of high performance busy individuals and celebrities throughout North America and around the world, by special private appointment when requested. For many years William served on the Board of Directors of an international health product and health educational company. He has also worked in market research and project financing for a Toronto Bay Street real estate development firm. He is the founder and CEO of the Vancouver based company “AV Royal Consulting.” Which specializes in offering meditation to professionals, in the corporate setting, in education, to military and police, in health care medical and government settings, and to the general public. William has spent over 10 years on special courses directly studying with the world famous physicist, educator and founder of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Along with the many leading scientists in such fields as physics, phycology, healthcare and medicine, education, neurology, business, defence, politics, sociology, and international relations. In 2005 on a special advanced training course conducted directly by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, (the founder of hundreds of schools and universities; such as Maharishi University of Management in Iowa USA, Maharishi European Research University in Europe, and the largest private school system in India), awarded William Ayling an honorary Doctorate, “D. Honoris Causa.” Recognizing and honouring William for his over 40 years of studying and teaching meditation around the world, and for his extensive research in the areas of meditation and consciousness - Vedic Science and modern science.

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