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Submit a new BIL event

This form exists so that we can manage putting event information on the website in the master list of events. You do not need to be on the website to host a BIL event, but it certainly helps if you do.
  • Your event should follow the standard guidelines of event names. Examples: BIL:Vancouver | BIL:Tunis | BIL:UAE | BIL:LA
  • You need to describe to us the event you're planning on hosting as would be read by one of your Attendees. This content will be the information that will be public on the website if approved. You will have an opportunity to modify and add to this later if approved.
  • Please upload a photo for your event background. This photo should ideally be 1600px wide and 500px tall. For speed reasons, please try to keep the file size below 200kb. Compression is your friend.
  • Full Name.
  • We need your email address if we are going to give you rights to edit your event later.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.