Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Solutions for Rising Costs in Healthcare

Snohomish Brown  at  BIL:Davos 2017

These days people frequently complain about the rising costs of healthcare, especially in the US where insurance premiums have recently become less affordable for most people. While indeed this may be true, what most of us really mean is that the rising cost of getting sick has become unaffordable as procedures, testing and medications become more expensive the more technical we become. One of the biggest reasons it’s so expensive to get sick today is that modern medicine too often neglects preventative healthcare. Advanced diagnostic methods do nothing as far as treatment until disease has become sufficiently entrenched in the human system to declare the patient “sick”. Only at that point do modern doctors employ invasive techniques or harsh drugs to engage the symptoms of the disease in a running battle of suppression not only of the disease itself, but also the many side effects of treatment. Many folks are now convinced that these expensive chemicals, electronic gadgets, and radical surgical procedures often do as much harm as good to the human system and sometimes create the conditions for even worse health problems later in life.