Bridging the Digital Divide – Ally for Women

Heather VanCura  at  BIL:Davos 2017

Maybe you love working with women. Maybe you hate working with women. Whatever your perspective, diversity in the workplace is good for global business, and can have an impact of trillion of dollars on Gross Domestic Product (GDP); yet, the number of women with access to the internet and women working in technology remains low around the globe. To make an impact on this digital divide, we need to engage men as partners, sponsors, mentors and champions — allies. Let’s put this into action with 10 ways to ally for woman in technology. Learn simple ways to support women in the workplace and the community – in the office, at conferences, and online. Become more confident in speaking up to support women and be more aware of the challenges facing women in technology after investing 20 minutes in this short session.