My 8 Point Plan for World Peace in 90 Days – or – How YouTube Saved the Planet

Anne Mottola  at  BIL:Davos 2017

As a rebel anthropologist and an independent thinker, I tend to look at patterns of information differently. In the pursuit of knowledge, I discovered that YouTube has already saved the planet. All we need is a plan for world peace and we can have low-to-no cost energy, dispense with the debt economy, greatly increase production and greatly reduce pollution. And, most importantly, we can finally have our flying cars!

The following is an outline of my talk which will be supported by YouTube URLs, website URLs and other sources of information and/or data.

The First 30 Days – Awareness & Funding
Point 1: Heal the Collective Unconscious
Point 2: The Historical Precedence for Peace
Point 3: Flying Cars Campaign – Funding the World Peace Movement
Point 4: Funding Actual Planetary Peace – Crowd Funding $300M USD

The Second 30 Days – Implementing the Magic Bullet
Point 5: Higher Consciousness as an Economic Commodity

The Final 30 Days – Demanding Our Leaders Become True Leaders
Point 6: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Responsive Leadership
Point 7: The Tao of Responsible Leadership
Point 8: Reaching Out for Help – Far Out