What would you do if you had access to a biolab?

Scott Pownall  at  BIL:Vancouver 2016

Open Science Network is a community of scientists, artists, makers, engineers, writers, tinkerers, hackers, citizen scientists, and professional scientists who have banded together to create an open community lab where we can gather to share ideas, knowledge, equipment, and opinions in a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. Open Science Network is interested in engaging anyone and everyone, no matter your science background – whether you are a scientist, writer, artist or just sci-curious and are interested in the practice of science at the local and global level. We are committed to providing a network that enables researchers to become educated and connected to the world of open hardware, wetware and science investigation. Our co-working laboratory and shared equipment is ideal for citizen scientists, hobbyists, students, and entrepreneurs – young or old. I will talk about biohacking, DIYbio and the creation of the community biolab.